Thursday, February 1, 2007

London's Convent Garden

One of the most enjoyable people places in the planet has to be Covent Garden in London. Whether an adult or child, it is a destination for some very happy and entertaining moments. Covent Garden dates back to the early 1600s when it used to be part of Westminster Abbey although it is thought that the Saxons occupied the area as a trading post long before.
So, Earl of Bedford, Charles I, and Inigo Jones come along in the 1600s and created the first public square as an experiment for urban planning.Today is a center of attraction for what is generally family oriented activities and shopping. At Convent Gardens it can be found among others: Govent Garden Market, London's Transport Museum, Jubilee Arts and Crafts Market, Royal Opera House, Theater Museum, and St. Paul's Church or Actor's Church. But what really brings life to Covent Garden are the many public acts that bring a smile to pedestrians.
Public performances that test the limit of the imagination such as a semi naked man in freezing temperatures asking a French man to toss him some knives prior to diving into a cup full of water.
Or superman jock testing the public into conducting a number of physical activities that range from super funny to super ridiculous but all accompanied by the laughter of the audience.
Of course, the public signature of Covent Garden has to be the 'buskers' in particular creative mimes as the ones below performing for the camera.
And there are instances when the people interact with the "buskers" like the fellow behind the wind blown mime.
Covent Gardens is a heaven for all in particular children and grownups who dare to become children for few minutes.More information on the history of Covent Garden can be found at Covent Garden History.

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