Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Santiago downtown pedestrian streets

In the heart of Santiago is located the Plaza de Armas, the city's main square. With over 5 million people traffic congestion is a major concern for Santiagenos. However, the problem of traffic congestion around the Plaza de Armas was easily solved by turning some streets into pedestrian only boulevards - such as Ahumada, Huerfanos and Estado Streets. It is indicated that these streets are "indisputably busiest social, commercial and financial axis of Santiago."
With some clever street design, Santiago has managed to merge pedestrians and vehicular traffic creating an urban sinergy unique to Santiago's urban culture.
One of the many intersections of the pedestrian boulevards with downtown streets.
Although not unique to Santiago the following photo shows a sky-walk.
And perhaps an idea borrowed from other cities that exhibit similar weather conditions, Santiago has many pedestrian arcades.


Ines said...

Soy una enamorada de Londres en todos sus aspectos. Muy buenas las fotos.


engineering said...

Londres es una ciudad increible y tiene que se compartida. Super que te gusten las fotos. Puedes ver otras en www.livingstreets.us